Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dr. Who Cross-Stitch

It seems like a fitting time to post about my gift for my nephew Jonathan, as we've just heard today who the new Doctor will be.  Congratulations to Peter Capaldi!  I for one am pleased about it.  I really liked him in the Dr. Who spin-off "Torchwood's" season 3, and yes, he was a character on a Dr. Who episode about the fall of Pompeii.  All the whiney "he's too old, he's not hot" people need to seriously brush up on their Dr. Who.

So, my nephew.  Jonathan's my eldest nephew.  My older sister Brenda's son.  Like me, he is Nerdtastic.  And he loves to spoil people.  He has definitely spoiled us on many occasions.  Like the time he got me this picture, signed.  Or the time he got me awesome Buffy books and Harry Potter game.   Then there was the time he COMPLETELY overloaded me with books or bought me the comics on Blu-Ray.  He took me to see "Wicked" for the very first time.  He bought David and I awesome pictures for our loft.  We are constantly texting each other random bits of geek trivia, discussing movies, actors, YouTube videos, etc. etc.

For his birthday at the end of July, I decided to make him something.  In January I purchased a Dr. Who pattern.  We both love Dr. Who (well, except for our mutual hate of the "Amy Pond" character) and I wanted to make him something by hand.

Now, I started in January.  I finished it two weeks before his July 30th birthday, with just enough time to frame and mail it to arrive on his actual birthday.

Teeeeeeeny tiny, eye-splitting stiching

Ta Da!

He totally loved it.

Love his 10th Doctor Tee, too.

Interested in the pattern?  Check out XStitchMyHeart on Etsy.  I bought 3 patterns; this one, an Avengers one and a Buffy one.  :)


Wizard730 said...

Thank you again! Best gift I received for my birthday!

Niki said...

LOVE it!