Monday, July 22, 2013

Derby Time!

One of my younger sisters Vicky is on a Roller Derby team. Has been for like 3-4 years at least, and I've never seen a bout/match.  When she posted on Facebook that one would be 40 minutes away from my house, I decided to surprise her by going to the game.

But first, signage!!

and shoppage!

New clothes to match the teams colors for Isabel.
The blue shirt is for me.  I wanted teal to match my new glasses, AND it has bling.  My sister's derby name it Bling-It-On, hence the bling.

We drove 40 minutes out and ended up getting there before she did, so our seats were set up and Isabel was ready with her sign.

Titi (teetee) means Auntie in Spanish.
 My sisters are all called "Titi" followed by their names by my kids.

Vicky gave a big old screech when she saw the 2 of us (the boys were both working.)

It was really cool except for the part where I had no idea what was going on, and only yelled when I saw our bench clapping.  Ha!

Isabel's in love with Elsa

Dub City Derby Girls won 179 to 100 against an undefeated team. What-What!

This is me...wearing the opposing team's color. Nice!
Oh, she's also training (HARD) for Bikini competition she's doing in August.  Check out her blog, "Bling's Adventures in Bikini Competition Prep" over on the sidebar "Blogs I Read," if you want to make yourself sick with envy.  ;)


Bling It On said...

It was a cool surprise!!!

Niki said...

Roller derby is so fun to watch; it really doesn't matter if you know what is going on or not.