Saturday, April 6, 2013

Isabel's Animations

Isabel's gotten pretty good with drawing on MS Paint.  She's currently interested in drawing everything to look like Power Puff Girls, and does lots of PPG mash-ups, like PPG-Style My Little Ponies, or PPG-Style Adventure Time.  Or gender-swapped PPG, MLP, etc. etc.

Now, she's found a program that lets her take 4 or 5 separate drawings and make an animated .gif file out of them.  She will draw the same picture several times, but with slight movement changes, combine them and get a moving picture.

If they are not moving, click on them.

This is Bubbles from the Power Puff Girls.  It took 4 pictures to make this blinking action.

Isabel says this is her, winking.

This one's one of my favorites.

This one's pretty awesome too.

Her cousin Emily on the left, Isabel on the right.

This is Brick. He is a Rowdy Ruff Boy, from the PPG series. He has
long red hair and is a bad guy.

And finally, Isabel wants to end this post by licking the computer screen.


Big Sis said...

I want to go run to your house right now and hug the hell out of Isabel!!!!

She is awesome!

Anna said...

Those are great !!

Niki said...

Careful, you don'tt know where this computer screen has been!
Great job to Isabel.