Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Words on Walls

I've been painting and/or adding vinyl words to our movie/tv/pop culture loft upstairs, following the steps of a friend who does this at her house too.

It's great fun. You should try it.  Don't like it? Paint over it! Brilliant.

We chose a favorite Doctor Who quote and then chose quite possibly the world's hardest font.  I printed the quote on paper, landscape, and then used a charcoal pencil on the back to trace the words on.  I then proceeded to tape the papers back on the wall and with my hands, tried to rub the charcoal on the wall.  Did not work, no matter how I rubbed.

Being a learned letterboxer/stamp carver, I knew a trick.  Acetone aka nail polish remover.  A bit of that on a cotton ball, and boom!  The pencil transferred to the wall where I painstakingly painted the words while on a stepladder.  Talk about painful knees.

When I was done, this is what I had.

I have issues with straight lines.  Deal with it. :)

This is to go along with the Harry Potter quote we already have on the walls.

As well as the I.T. Crowd quote I purchased as a vinyl!

LOVE IT!  Don't recognize it?

(Yes, we can sing the song.  All 4 of us.  GREAT SHOW!  Available on Netflix.)

So those are the 3 quotes on our walls so far.

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