Friday, September 7, 2012

A Lesson in Stupidity

We are stupid, my husband and I.

We purchased a vehicle from a buy-here-pay-here lot that sold cars As-Is.  Remember that horrible day?  We should have known.  No really.  We should have Googled, for heaven's sake.  Did we?

Nope.  We are trusting.  We are stupid.  There are people out there who take advantage of trusting, honest people.

The car needs a new transmission, 2 weeks after we purchased it.   Because it's an "As Is" sale, we have no recourse.  None.  The Lemon Laws are for new cars.

The internet has TONS of stories just like ours, from this same lot!!  But we didn't do the legwork.  It's on us.  People needing new transmissions 2 days after, needing new radiators a week after.  Ex-employees saying that he tells the mechanics to just patch them up so they can drive off the lot.

We paid $3,000 cash for a used car that now needs a $1400+ transmission.

And I am so sick I. WANT. TO VOMIT.

I want to vomit because WE ARE STUPID.  I am tired of crying.

The man has the nerve to pass as a Christian.  Christian paraphernalia all over the place.  Made sure to mention that he drives the church van to go pick people up for Sunday service.

How dare you use God this way?

We had to cancel going to see David's grandmother over Labor day weekend out of state.  She had another small stroke.  We could not afford the gas nor David taking unpaid leave to go (no vacation time.)

We had to cancel our 10-year anniversary plans.  We're going to have to charge $1400 to get this car fixed, because an evil man sells crap cars and WE ARE STUPID.  I don't charge things.  Now I do.

That's what pisses me off the most.  I'm smarter than this.  I am smarter than THIS.

I just want to stop being so angry at myself.  I want to stop thinking about it and crying, and move forward already.

And I need a hug, dagnabit.


Niki said...


Ari C'rona said...

I am so sorry - there is absolutely no excuse for a business like that!

♥♦ Be Happy ♦♥ said...

Don't cry it will get better. It always does. You are not stupid. You just wanted to get Jacob a car right away because you LOVE him and he needed car for college. That day you were going through so much crap to get the car memba? Yo siempre creo que cuando algo no sale facil es porque Dios te esta diciendo que no. Como Yo con Abuela. No pude conseguir nada para verla en el funeral. Pues pienso que fue Dios diciendome que no. That is just my belief cuz I AM STUPID ;P