Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friday Family Fun For $15

That's a lot of alliteration there in that title.  :)

My place of employment for 17 years (!!) gave us branches throughout the US the option to have a branch fun day out.  We were allotted a specified amount per employee to go out and play games, mini-golf, eat, whatever we wanted to do.

My branch in Orlando wanted to bring our families along, which is cool by me.  Back in the day (and that's a lot of days in my 17 years), we always used to do group events and include the families.  I told them they were welcome to bring anyone, but they were getting the set amount my corporate allotted and they would have to pay the rest.

I chose Dave & Busters in Orlando and off we went for a 7 p.m. Friday night dinner.  The kids and I got there early and I purchased gift cards ahead of time for all the employees, so everyone got the same amount.  We ate dinner, talked and had a bunch of fun playing games.  We had a full house - 19 people.

My kids, STARVING, waiting for everyone to show up.  They were LATE.  :)

Hi Jose!  Co-worker and his 3 kids.
 His wife was sitting next to me so we could gossi...I mean, catch up.

My kids play Skee Ball

Another co-worker Juan's kids playing a huge Connect 4 game

On his first try, he wins 300 tickets

We had enough $$ left on our gift card to buy a play card and play games, but ran out early on, so I added $15 to their play card.  Then another co-worker who was leaving gave my kids his play card, so we got extra fun.

The kids got enough tokens to get a Pikachu plush toy, candy and some key covers for Jake's car keys.

Dinner for 3 including appetizer (David had to work; he was none too happy we did it on a Friday night), two hours of game playing, a stuffed Pikachu, candy and key covers, all for $15.  I think it was a very successful evening.

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Niki said...

So fun!
I heart Pikachu and D&B's.