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Sci-Fi Hoedown: Dr. Who Season 3

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Before Dr. Who Season 3, we had a small episode called "The Runaway Bride."  The Doctor has just lost Rose and is still very sad.  Suddenly, bride Donna Noble materializes in his Tardis and the game is afoot.  We're almost led to believe that Donna will be the next companion, but in the end, after they save the Earth (again), Donna heads back home and the Doctor heads back out into space.  We do hear of a certain "Mr. Saxon" who also steps in to rid the skies of spaceship full of aliens that the Dr. had banished.

Season 3: We meet Martha Jones, the Doctor's new companion, when Earth is transported to the moon.  I like "Marfa" much better that Rose.  She's intelligent (a medical doctor-in-training), confident and nice.  Her family's a hot mess, especially her mom, who I called "Eyebrows"  (they were badly drawn on.)

They meet Shakespeare at the Globe and save him from witches.   They get stuck in the longest traffic jam  EVER in the year 5 billion New York City (some of the characters were born in their vehicles and have traveled one mile in like 6 years!).

We had back to the 1930's depression  where the Daleks are being very naughty to humans (oink), as they try and finish building the Empire State Building.   Mr. Saxon's name pops up again in "The Lazarus Experiment" as the financial backer of a scientist who manipulates DNA to become younger.  That'll end well.  We see Martha's mom again, who I really don't like at this point.  She's suspicious of the Doctor to the point of paranoia and ends up helping someone (Mr. Saxon perhaps?) spy on the Doctor through phone calls with Martha.

Martha is forced to accept the fact that she has feelings for the Doctor when she sees him fall in love with a human woman, after he erased his own mind to protect himself from being found by a "family" of mercenaries after him for his body (they want to live longer, you see.)  

"Blink" was a well-written episode that gave me the goosebumps!  There was a lot of back & forth timey things happening that were really well done, and  the first appearance of The Weeping Angels!!  DON'T BLINK!  Awesome fun.  Probably my favorite of this season.

We see Captain Jack Harkness again (Rawr!) and hear about "The Master" for the first time in a loooong time; Dr. Who's arch-nemesis (-sees, -sis).  And guess what? He has another name too.  


Anyway, I won't spoil any more.

Martha Jones decides to leave the Doctor at the end of the season to focus on her medical studies and taking care of her family and the ordeal they've all been through.  She was a fun companion but she knows she can't really "have" the doctor so she's smart enough to call it quits.

Season 3 was fun.  David Tennant is still amazing and so darned CUTE!

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