Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Ahhh. A weekend where we're not driving 10 hours coming back from vacation, not flying back from a different country, not shopping or cooking or baking. I need the rest.

Well, there's the garage door that won't open because the huge tension spring snapped last night, scaring the poo out of Jake and me, as it shook the second story floor of the house. Because we cannot open the double -door at all (we tried), David and I spent the better part of an hour emptying out the third-car section of the garage with its separate door, so we could maneuver the Jeep out of that door. Lots and lots and lots of maneuvering later, and the Jeep is free. We'll have to wait until Monday to get the spring repaired.

Beside that, and the laundry, oh and cooking meals, it's a lazy Saturday. ;)

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Niki said...

Sometimes i need a day from from my day off!