Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hermetically Sealed for Your Enjoyment

While in Panama, I ate at a place called Niko's Cafe, a popular cafeteria. I ordered a gyro and went to get my drink. After searching for a lid, I asked my co-worker where they were. He told me to just hand it to the cashier and she would take care of it." ??

She placed it in the cup holder of a machine. The machine lifted the cup and down came a ring, which had plastic that was coming off a roll. Zip, zap, done.

She handed back to me a sealed cup. Whaaaaat? I was impressed. I'm easily impressed.

In the car, my co-worker put the drink bag right on the back seat, on its side. I would surreptitiously peek into the back seat because I just knew they would leak.

Nope. The drinks arrived safely and with zero spillage. Cool.

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