Saturday, August 7, 2010

I love your new purse! Is it an "Aeromonas?" I love his purses!

Ladies. Ladies, please. LISTEN UP.

I was in a very busy public restroom today off a major Interstate. Only one stall was working. Isabel and I got out and let the next person in. The young 30-something mom goes in, locks the door, and then...HORROR OF HORRORS!! She puts her purse ON.THE.FLOOR!!

Why not, you say? I dunno. Aeromonas, salmonella, e-coli...should I stop?

Ladies, WHY are you putting your purse on the FLOOR OF THE PUBLIC TOILET? What are you thinking? This, ladies, is the same purse you will later plop on the restaurant table, the counter of your kitchen, on your dining room table!!! Gahhhh!

"But, if I hang it on the hook, someone might steal it?" Wah wah wah. Keep it on your arm!! "But I hover!" Then BALANCE.

For the love of all things clean, don't put it on the floor!


1 comment:

Hendel D'bu said...

Very cute, clean purse :-)

I never put mine on the floor...never even consider it. Yuck.

Thanks for the public service announcement.