Sunday, August 23, 2009


I enjoy collecting patches. Yea, geeky. On our recent Spring Break vacation this April, I collected patches for most places we went, except in New York. I missed the gift shop being open at the Statue of Liberty and they didn't have any when we went to the Empire State Building.

I came home and did some searching, but never did find a patch available for the NY visits, until about a month ago, when someone posted one on Ebay.

Oh yea, remember the day trip and me saying I got a lame patch at Fort Clinch? Yea, there it is too. What a LAME patch.
This picture below is from 2007. I need to take another picture. The patches have already made it more than half-way down the left side of the picture. It's like a little piece of our history; telling the story of where we've been.


Hendel D'bu said...

Wow, that is really cool...geeky, yeah, but cool!

So, what will you do with it when it's all full?


Kaaren said...

Not sure. It's currently draped over the back of the large couch up in the loft. We use it when we want to catch some Zzzzz's on the couch up here.

Patch-wise, once we're all the way around, I'll work in to the middle area.

I am waiting for my Pity Party patch to come in. :)

Big Sis said...

Great way to remember your trips and stories for the kids and grandkids ;)