Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MAXIMum Idiocy - Redux

Remember my 'Maxim' rant from June? If not, click here and also here read how stoooopid 'Maxim' publishers are.

Well, now others too are noticing. Three friends sent me the following links to other moms, irate at the gall of Maxim sending their magazine as a replacement for a video game mag.

Boy's Magazine Mysteriously Switched with Maxim (thanks Lisa L.)

12-Year-Old Kids Still Getting Racy 'Maxim' instead of Gaming Magazine (thanks Trekkie Gal and Laura G).

I am glad I am not alone.

1 comment:

Hendel D'bu said...

Can you even believe that?? How can they get away with such stupidity and lack of courtesy for their readership?

It blows my mind. :-/