Monday, August 17, 2009

Bowling, and why we're all in the WRONG business

Saturday, we went bowling. We have not been bowling in years and Jake had a coupon he got the last day of school, so we decided to use it.

Isabel was scared. Don't ask why, we don't know. She cried as we walked in because she didn't want to. (say that with a whine).

We walked in mid-afternoon and handed them over the coupon. She asked how many other games we wanted (one for starters) and how many shoes (4). Three paid games (1 for each of us) and four shoe rentals equaled $32.00. Holy Snot! We're in the wrong business!! One game! We were shocked but ponied up for one game.

The minute she got her shoes, she was psyched! Bouncing up and down psyched.

We can't tell you who won. We thought we started the game on their computerized system. David and Jacob each took their turn. It was only after that we realized the computer was not registering the scores. David and Jacob had to re-do their first frame. When it came time to end Isabel and my games, the lane shut down. See, they don't give you practice bowls. Those two frames David and Jake bowled? They deducted them from the total frames paid for. Isabel and I lost our 10th frame.

We had a good time, but I can't say I am happy with the AMF company. High prices and no practice rolls signal poor customer service in my eyes. If we go again, I may search for another company to go visit.


Hendel D'bu said...

We used to bowl more frequently, but I am shocked at how much it costs now. Last time we went, it was really expensive; we only need 4 shoe rentals cuz I have my own, and played two (or three, I don't remember), had some refreshments (pop and a beer for dad)...cha-ching!

I've discourage my young son from bowling for his birthday this year because of the cost. Never thought I'd say it, but I think going to see a movie (with WalMart candy in your pocket) is cheaper.


Niki said...

There are no words for how much i hate bowling.
Hate it.

Kellis said...

I bet with all Isabel's Wii bowling, she smoked you guys. ;)

That really sucks how expensive it was! And to not be able to get scores because the equipment malfunctioned is just lame.