Saturday, August 22, 2009

Like Butter

WHAT is our obsession with teeth whitening? There MUST be an obsession, there must! Every other ad on AOL, FaceBook, MySpace, is about teeth whitening. Sometimes, there are two ads on the page, and they are both about separate teeth cleaning items.

Creepy, creepy ads showing scary mouths. *cringe*

What is up with this? Am I wrong? I'm getting kind-of paranoid. Do my teeth look like butter?

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Hendel D'bu said...


No, your teeth look fab, my friend :-)

Too white of teeth looks so fakey and silly, in my view.

Kellis said...

I think those ads are based off your browser history or something. ALL of mine are on "how to lose 15 lbs of stomach fat" and crap like that. It's sooo annoying. I feel your pain, and think your teeth look beautiful. (For what it's worth! haha)