Thursday, June 25, 2009

Your Priest, Your Mom and Your Boss

..walk into a bar. Kidding! :)

The recent onslaught of social networks (MySpace, Face Book, Twitter, Blogger, etc.) has opened our world to better communications with our family, long-lost friends, high school and college classmates, as well as new people with similar interests. It is terrific to be able to catch up with old friends, update the family on what you're up to and be able to share your hobbies and interests.

It's also opened up people's inhibitions, which is usually not so good.

I am not sure if you've ever noticed, but I rarely rarely ever mention work on a public forum. I may mention what I had for lunch, or what I did on a break, or a kind thing someone at work did or said. What I won't do is complain about work. I won't say anything negative. I pretty much won't say anything, either way. Do you know what I do for a living? Nope. It's private and no one needs to know either way how much I either love/hate/am indifferent/whatever about work.

You will also never see me being crude or posting nasty things. The inside of my brain may need a good soap scrubbing, and I have been known to say "crap" and "damn." (Ooooh, I said them again!) I won't post about getting drunk. Granted, I rarely drink; wine coolers occasionally and mudslides maybe twice a year, but if I did, you would not know about it. You will not see me posting any provocative photos (unless it's like my booby cake - lol).

All of this is just not in me. My main reasoning can be summed up best by something someone on Atlas Quest (letterboxing site) posted recently. To paraphrase it:

Don't post anything you would not want your Priest, your Mom or your Boss to see.

I think this is brilliant. Don't make yourself look bad in front of these people. When I come home and surf the web in the evening, I'll see derogatory work posts being posted, during work hours. I like that I have a job, especially now. Or posting pictures of themselves in compromising positions, while they are "friends" on-line with their mom. I cringe seeing these things.

Don't post anything you would not want your Priest, your Mom or your Boss to see.


Hendel D'bu said...

agreed, agreed :-)

My mom said something along the sames lines, "Don't ever put anything in writing that you don't want published in the newspaper."

Those words have stuck with me. You really have to think about who may be reading your stuff...even those you may not know about.

Niki said...

No kidding. I goggle candidates for jobs after i interview them to see what kind of internet footprint they have.

Anna said...

Wow--and very nicely put, very nicely...

BIG SIS said...