Friday, June 12, 2009

I Ain't Lion

Sitting at the computer upstairs in the loft, checking various sites (what's new), I hear my daughter behind me. *snip* *snip* She has safety scissors and loves to cut out the figures she's drawn and colored. I don't mind. Any mess she makes, she's usually good about cleaning up, with little reminders from me.

*snip* *snip*

I decided to turn around and see what picture she's drawn and it cutting out. Instead, I see this:

She has decided that her Lion play mask needed a hair cut.

I roared. With laughter. It was hysterical. I explained to her, though the laughter, that the lion does not need a haircut because it will never grow back again. My son heard me and came upstairs to see. By this time, Isabel thinks it's hilarious and starts patting the couch hard, to make the hair fly. I stop her and say "Uh Uh, you have to stop that! You're spreading the mess! Now you'll have to clean this all up."

I get Jake to go bring the vacuum from downstairs and tell her she needs to clean up her mess. The thing is, this is not some kind of lesson about the consequences of her actions, Noooo. This child believes the vacuum cleaner is the greatest thing ever.

As she cleaned, I kept reminding her to "stop sucking up your own hair, Iz, and clean the couch" or "stop sucking your shirt up already!"

I ain't lion to you!


Hendel D'bu said...

She is so cute! It could have been worse, you know. It could have been her own hair (I gasped when I saw the first pic and then was relieved to see the poor lion...)


Ari C'rona said...

Yep, that is hilarious! I wonder if she'll think the vacuum is that cool when she's a few years older... ;o)

Niki said...