Saturday, June 6, 2009

Carves for My Big Sis

My Big Sis asked me in April to carve her a Prince stamp. I googled, found a picture I liked and got to work. I can't carve eyes. I can't. Those of you in the "Scoobyfest 2009" ring with me this July will painfully see this is true when you see the eyes of the two I carved. *sigh* I got frustrated with the Prince stamp and put it away.

In May, my sister asked me to carve a teeny stamp to fit in a self-stamping machine. Her hubby had a machine from a closed business account that he no longer needed. She peeled off the stamp inside and sent it to me for size reference. She wanted her name on it. OK. I can't do letters well either. I know, what CAN I carve?

Having this week off, I decided to tackle the small name stamp. I worked at it as best I could. As I was reaching in the box that I keep my carving tools, ink pads, etc in, I pulled out the abandoned Prince stamp. Jake was with me and said "Whoa." I said something like "I know. It stinks." He replies "No, I mean it's good."

I take it back out and notice that, ignoring his right side where I royally messed up his eye, the left side is not bad. I take my X-acto knife and chop off Prince's right side (sorry Prince) and came up with a decent stamp for her.

I mailed them to her and she received them today. She was ECSTATIC! She remembered the little name stamp but had forgotten about the Prince stamp. She was hyper over it, wanting to post it for her friends, but her computer died and she was trying to find a place to upload the pictures.

This one was about 2 inches wide by 1/2 an inch tall. Like I said, I hate carving letters but she loved it.

Here's Mister Prince.


Hendel D'bu said...

I have totally done that...cut off the mucked up side and kept the rest - very artsy! lol!

These are fab stamps - thanks for sharing them! :-)

Niki said...

Man, you are crazy talented. Jealous.