Monday, June 1, 2009

The Past is Always Recycled

Things always go round & round in cycles, don't they? What do you think, 20 years? I think that's about right. Fashions, movies, some music, tend to cycle.

We've been dying to go see the Star Trek movie but we have either been busy or just plain lazy.

While cleaning out Jacob's closet last weekend (he got inspired when we moved his papasan chair out and moved an unused desk in the loft in to his room), he found some old View Master slides. Some were his, most were David's from his youth. The dates ranged from 1967 through the mid-70's for the ones that were David's.

Click these pics to make them bigger.

And here is Ms. Iz wearing her Star Trek pajamas. These belonged to David once-upon-a-time and are over 32 years old!! She's been wearing them as a night shirt since she was about 2.


Kellis said...

Wow! 32 year old pajama's! That is some quality craftsmanship!

Scarab said...

Probably worth a fortune for collectors.