Monday, February 18, 2008

A-Hunting We Will Go

Friday the 15th, we went with David's dad out to letterbox. David's mom stayed in with Isabel. We chose a letterbox that was a good hike. That's the down side of Florida letterboxing; our trails a rather boring compared to everywhere else.

The hike was probably about 2 miles round-trip. It was a beautiful, perfect day for a hike. Jake kept commenting how terrific it all was.

We eventually found the box (yay!) and logged in. The hike wore us out, so we went back home for a break and lunch. We them opted for some more urban-style letterboxing, so Isabel and Tricia could come along.

Isabel and David check out the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

Check out the WICKED scary glass bridge we walked on!

Tricia TOTALLY got in to the letterboxing, but we could not find what we were looking for. For the day, we were 3 for 4.

That night we all ( 9 adults, & 6 kids) did Pizza and Rock Band. Kevin RAWK'D the Metallica! Who knew?


Kellis said...

Rock band is so fun. Who came up with that fabulousness. Except my stupid fingers aren't big enough for the guitar. :( So sad.

Kaaren said...

Jake has REALLY long digits, so he does well on guitars and pianos.