Tuesday, February 12, 2008

And Also....

I am NOT TOO NICE. I am so sick of hearing that I am too nice, at work, by my family. The people who say I am too nice need to get over it. Suck it up and GO, people. Move on. Deal. I am too old to be holding stupid grudges against stupid people for stupid things that happened 20 years ago. Give. It. A. Rest. I am not too nice. I am an Adult. Life is too short to act all offended.

The fact that I choose to have civil social interactions does not mean "I am too nice." It means I don't care to squabble over stuff that I've already forgiven. It means I am compassionate, it's not a weakness, it's humanity & civility. It means I don't want to be 60, 70, 80 years old and be all alone because I was too stubborn and held grudges with everyone. Alone. Lonely. You want that?

This message brought to you by PMS. PMS: Don't Leave Home Without It!


Niki said...

Perhaps when people you say you are too nice, you should offer "Really? I just think everyone else isn't nice enough" and see what the a**es of the world have to say to that.
"Too nice" indicates that someone is a pushover - i've met you - you are no pushover.

Big Sis said...

I tried posting a comment. did it work ?

Big Sis said...

Too Nice?, people are just too Mean. I am a Meany....lol. Nice to me means: Strong, Loving, Compassionate, Forgiving. WE NEED MORE KAARENS IN THIS WORLD. So when someone says "You are too Nice" take it as a compliment because that means Us Meanys are NOT NICE ! we only wish we were capable of being "TOO NICE".