Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bad Cop

I am TIRED of playing the Bad Cop!!

Why do *I* get to be the one who makes her brush her teeth at EIGHT O'CLOCK AT NIGHT?? You had ALL DAY WITH HER. You couldn't stop and help her brush her teeth??

Why do I have to be the one to give her a bath?? Nine out of ten times, it's me!

Why am *I* the one making her to use the potty when she has to go # 2, and I make her cry, while you get to be the hero and hand her a Pull-Up?? She's almost 4!!!

WHY has that outfit been sitting on the couch for two days? Do you think it will move by magic??

I am NOT filling out the family reunion forms that sat for OVER A WEEK on the coffee table. I moved them. If you find them, YOU fill them out. If you don't, I guess we're not going.


This message brought to you by PMS. PMS: The Fabric of Our Lives.


Niki said...

You could just slap him.

Kelly said...

David doesn't read this blog, huh? ;) Vent girl... get it out!

Big Sis said...

Go on Strike !....;)

Kaaren said...

No Kelly, he sure doesn't.

Big Sis, I actually did go on strike. The night I wrote that I was in a horrible mood and he picked up on it, BIG TIME. Next day, he vaccuumed and filled out the family reunion forms (roflmao).

Big sis said...

You go girl.....strike ! strike ! strike. And Love ! Love ! Love !