Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dante's Purgatory and Paradise

I am DONE with these works of Dante. UGH. It was long and painful. Purgatory was boring, boring, boring. I am sorry, Dante. I guess reading a book written in the 1300's and translated in the early 1900's is a bit much for even my modern mind. Paradise was a little better, a little. I can't even give it a review, my brain is numb.


Kellis said...

I can't believe you finished! Kudos!

Avindair said...

I had to read that work in college.


Yes, twice.

Then I got to be tested on it.


Never. Again.

Congrats on getting through it.

Kaaren said...

Thanks, avindair. It's funny. I actually enjoyed "Inferno." Of course. The bad stuff.