Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Heyyyyy, Must Be The Moneyyyyy

Lunch break. I'm at the grocery store to stock on snacks for the office. Good snacks like bananas, apples and granola bars. I have 4 items and head towards the '15 items or less' lane. And I see....Miss Pants-Too-Tight with about 50 items. I'm on my lunch break and Miss PTT can't be bothered to, you

So I'm standing there, a little perturbed when over comes her boy friend, who by the conversation, was the one who chose the lane. He's maybe 5'7", very wide across the belly, with a thick gold necklace around his neck. I think to myself "Huh?" Cause .. Miss PTT is quite attractive. I know I am wrong for saying so, but you know I am right. Miss PTT is thin, with a rather ample (fake?) bosom, long black hair, blue eyes, dressed to the nines. And here's Mr. Man looking...plain. Maybe it's LOVE. Maybe I'm cynical. It could be love.

As I walk to my car, I see him loading his 12 bags of groceries from the '15 items or less' lane into his Hummer, and I laugh.

1 comment:

Big Sis said...

She knows BIG MAN got that MULA !!!!!
You are so funny. Love the way you describe things.