Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Color Run is Coming!

The kids and I are participating in the Orlando Color Run!!!

We are very excited to have gotten in before it sold out.  When David was asked back in October if he wanted to do it with us, he said no.  Now, as the week approaches, he's regretting the decision and can't even go because they sold out.

We have to wear white shirts.  I decided to head to Goodwill to purchase some white shirts rather than the mall or even Walmart,  because they will get messy and I don't feel like spending good money on shirts that may get ruined.  I spent $5.48 total on three white shirts!  Woo Hoo!  (side note: I work with someone who would literally faint if they knew I bought clothes that other people may have worn!!!!  It cracks me up.  Actually, Jake's shirt was brand new at $1.89.  Isabel and mine were used, but I don't care.  A good washing with detergent and bleach, a little fabric softener and BAM! Good as new.  I am NOT too good for used clothing.  Get over it.)

We are walking it.  It's a 5k (3.1 miles) and at every kilometer, we get pelted with non-toxic color.  We'll be sporting shades and my car will definitely have plastic garbage bags over the seats.

Oooooh!  Can't wait!

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Niki said...

This sounds like so much fun.