Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Adios Cable

After a little over a year of my asking and asking, we.....have cancelled cable tv.

To quote one of my sisters' horror-filled text message: "WHO lives without cable?"

Um, lots of people actually.  Seriously, with the amount of technology out there, who needs cable is the question one should be asking.

We would get these bills and I would just CHOKE on my disgust over them.  Five HUNDRED channels and we watch SEVEN that I can think of.  SEVEN.  I complained and griped.  And complained and griped.  The hubby was not having it.

Finally, though, when my son and I explained that every single show that we watch can be watched on-line for less than 30% of the monthly cost of cable, he had to give. Hulu Plus, which we don't have yet,  is $8 a month.   We already have Netflix at $22 or so a month anyway, so we're adding $8 a month and taking away $120!  Cable tv was costing over $120 a month!  For six shows we watch and 4 or 5 shows Isabel watches.

Grey's Anatomy

and Cartoon Network shows for Isabel and Jake.   Isabel & I will miss Cartoon Network, but she has hundreds upon hundreds of shows and movies to choose from on Netflix and Hulu.

We're not spending $1,440 a year now!  That's crazy!  I'd have gotten rid of it a year ago.  Thankfully, finally, David agreed.  With a kid in college (still jobless too,) it cannot hurt at all to save where we can too.

The company was so funny, trying desperately to keep us.  "Well what if we give you six months of blah blah blah free?  What if you just keep basic cable for $68 a month? (which means $80+ by the time you add all the stupid regulatory and misc. made up fees they tack on.) You know if you change your mind, we'll have to charge you a $200 re-activation fee."  David calmly declined each and every offer.

Now I have to go to any UPS Store location with the equipment and a prepaid label (because AT&T Uverse has no storefronts anywhere! One of the many things I disliked about customer service with them; if you had to exchange equipment, which we did twice, they'd mail you one and you'd have to print labels & spend your lunch break going to a random UPS Store, hoping the employees there know what they are doing, and waste 45 minutes returning their stuff.  True story.)

WHO lives without cable?

We do.

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Jeanne said...

Good for you! We've been without cable for almost 3 years now. It may take some adjusting, but you won't miss it.

dancing pecan

Niki said...

Almost 7 years without.

Kellis said...

I went 5+ years with only basic (network tv) cable. It was $12 a month. Then I moved and got fancy and pay $70 for DirectTV and still only watch network TV. *sigh* Help.