Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And Also, Birthdays!

December is a CRAzy month for me.  It fills me with both happiness and dread.  It's both a blessing...and a curse. (Hello Mr. Monk.)

Not only is it Christmas time, the time we celebrate the birth of our Lord, but it has my son's birthday on December 21 and my husband's on December 25.



December 21 was a Friday and also THE END OF THE WORLD, so we had a small party.  He invited some close friends over, we had pizza, ate cake (store-bought, I was tired) and played games.

David did not want to open birthday presents on Christmas Day, because we had family over and we wanted to focus on Christmas.  He asked if he could open his on Christmas Eve day.

 Meanwhile, Isabel warms her hands by the "fire."

50-some-odd minutes of a log fire burning.  Man, I love Netflix.

No cake for him!  He did not want any. We still had Jacob's cake, about 3 dozen cookies left from my Christmas baking, a cheesecake and two ice cream mud pies.

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