Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tea for Two and Two for Tea

My son and I are tea fans.  I've always enjoyed hot teas like "Sleepy Time" or some fruity in-the-bag teas, but have never just bought tea leaves before. This started about a year ago actually.  Right around last Christmas, Jacob used birthday and/or Christmas $$ to buy some specialty tea at Teavana at the mall.   He also purchased an Adagio IngenuiTEA but off of Think Geek's site with a gift card.

This lead us to the Adagio site directly, where we started looking around and came across some fan-created tea blends.  Adagio lets its customers create their own blends and then sell them.  We came across Cara McGee and her blends and started ordering them.

First selection:  Harry Potter.  Of course.  Second only to my Whedonverse obsession, the world of Harry Potter is a place I wanna be in.  :)  Pumpkin spice, caramel and machala chai make up this blend.  Although I love the pumpkin, I'm not a big fan of chai.  Jake is though, so this one's a hit for him.

Next we purchased "The Government and the Inspector," a silly Mycroft/Lastrade 'ship from the wonderful tv show Sherlock.  Chocolate Chai, hazelnut and Irish breakfast; this tea's stronger than Harry Potter and yes, chai again.

We also received a free sample of passion fruit, which I love.

Then we ordered a second set of teas, continuing with the "Sherlock" theme of Ms. McGee's.   The Woman, honeybush vanilla,  dewy cherry and lapsang souchong is a very smoky, tasty tea that gets too smoky if steeped too long. I usually re-steep the leaves Jake's already used to get it to be not too strong.   I am Sherlocked screams chocolate and smoke and is best with milk and sugar.  Yum.

Finally, with some birthday money (thanks Kelli-Kelli) I ordered some more teas.

Loki, from The Avengers, is minty goodness.  How I love this one.  Gunpowder (not real gunpowder. This.), spearmint and rooibos jasmine are an odd combination but the jasmine smell with the mint is out of this world.  My favorite so far (but I have a few in the kitchen still yet to be tried.)

North, again by Cara McGee,  is like...visiting Santa.  Chocolate Chai, Christmas tea and Candy Cane Tea combined.  Wow!  It's Chai and I LIKE it.

The others we received, but have not tried yet are Thor (yep, Loki's brother,) piña colada (free from the site) and Chocolate, another freebie.  I can't wait to try these too!

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