Thursday, December 6, 2012

Soccer Saturday

We spent last Saturday with one of David's first cousins, his wife and their 5 kids, who were down in central Florida for a soccer tournament for their twin daughters who play in a college team at a Christian University.  It was fun to see them after like 6 years or so.

That's one of the girls in the white

Both girls in the picture, wearing headbands.  One in the
 back left, one in the foreground.  They won this game!

All so pretty!
Isabel and her cousins.  Aren't they beautiful?

Cousins :)
Isabel and her cousins.  Twin girls, one boy, twin boys; all siblings

After the game, we headed to the resort for some pool time.  When I say we, I mean the kids.  :)

The men relax

Having fun with her cousins
Yep. The pool in December

Then we ate a quick meal and headed to Downtown Disney, a place they had not been to and which we love.

Pretty decor

Lego Hulk

Moving carousel
The carousel spinning

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Niki said...

I remember when those girls were toddlers and his only kids.
Dude, i feel old.