Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Disney in Early December

We STILL had 4 one-day passes left from when Jacob sang at last year's Epcot Candlelight Processional that we had not used.  They expire this December so we decided to go in early December  BEFORE the crazed holiday masses arrived.

We chose Magic Kingdom because the kids wanted to see the new additions to the not-yet-finished Fantasyland.

New Restaurant

We did not ride the new ride, because the line was 50 minutes.  Also, we could not see ALL of the new Fantasyland area because it was blocked off.  There were tv cameras and I think Whoopie Goldberg was there (at lest that's what a cast member said.)  No idea why, but we did not get to see the area due to something they were filming.  Thanks.  :(


The new Ariel ride, exterior

What we COULD see was nice.  We can't wait until it's all done, circa 2014!

The rest of the park was empty.  It was AWESOME.  Waits were in the 10 minute range.  Fantastic time to be here.  It was overcast but not raining.  Just a fun day.

Near Pirates

Thunder Mountain


Niki said...

Since there was a "Grand opening" last week i assumed the new Fantsyland was done.
Am i just beubg naive?

Niki said...

What the heck is "beubg"?
I meant being, of course.

Kaaren said...

There was a "sort-of" grand opening. They opened 2 new restaurants and 1 new ride, plus Mickey's Toon Town Fair is no more really.

They incorporated that area as Fantasy Land.

There are still areas close though. They're still building a roller coaster and some princess thingy.

Kaaren said...

The area that used to be Mickey's Toon Town Fair is being called Storyland and being touted as "new." But the little roller coaster was always there.