Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day: Morning

Christmas Day!!!  We awoke, went downstairs & started handing out the gifts.

Being the youngest, Isabel got the most loot.  She was in heaven.

My nephew got me this awesome Buffy book.
My hubby got me the animal print footie pajamas draped over my legs.

I purchased Adventure Time stockings for my nephew and his girlfriend.

When it was all said and done, David says to me "Where's my present from you?"  

We had agreed to get a gift from  each of us to  each of us.  So, one from me to David, one from Isabel to David and one from Jacob to David.  In our immediate family, we would each get 3 gifts, not counting "Santa" stocking stuffers and Isabel's Santa gifts.

David only had the one from Isabel and Jacob.  He had other gifts from other family members, but he did not get one from me.  I am sitting there racking my brain trying to figure out what the heck David's gift was.

Now you also have to understand that Jacob's birthday is on December 21 and David's is Christmas Day!  Yep.  His birthday is 12/25.  I have A LOT of presents to buy just for the people in my home.  I remember specifically buying David 3 gifts that were wrapped in birthday paper (opened the day before) and 3 Christmas presents.  I swore up and down I had gotten him something.  He kept asking how could I possibly forget what I bought.  Well, gee.  I only do ALL of the Christmas shopping for EVERYONE but myself.  He had to buy 3 gifts for me from himself and the two kids.  *I* on the other hand had to buy gifts to each from each (me, Jacob and Isabel), for my sister, my nephew, his girlfriend, my best friend, my mom, my other sister's daughter, birthday gifts for David and Jacob.   Hmmmm. I wonder why I could not remember.

After about his third time asking me how could I forget, I stood in the kitchen making pancakes (making bacon pancakes.  I did.  I put bacon in the pancakes) and crying because I felt stupid that I could not remember what the third present was.

We eat and I head upstairs to try my footie pajamas.  While in the bathroom, I REMEMBER!  I practically FLY out of my room and downstairs where everyone is.  "IN THE GARAGE!!" I yell, trying to cover myself  with a robe while my sister and nephew's girlfriend yell "Whoa, too much skin showing there, lady!"

I had purchased a Video Game Rocking Chair with speakers and video ports.  It was so big, I had hidden it in the garage, along with a desk we got Jacob that we had also forgotten about!

I felt so much better knowing I had not neglected David.  Psssfffffttttt!  

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