Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Seventh Flooooooor

(You have to say the title like "The laaast meeeellon."  You know the movie, right?)

In the hotel we stay at in Panama, I´ve stayed on the 1st floor, the 3rd, the 8th, etc.  But never the 7th floor.  The 7th floor was for the Preferred Guests.  Guests who have stayed in the Four Points chains' of hotels several times.  My two co-workers, who travel to Panama a lot more than I have,  have hit the 7th floor.  It was my Mecca.

Finally, I made the 7th floor.  I MADE it!!

Oooh, look!  I get a newspaper every morning.  Aaaah!  There are extra amenities and "stuff" in the room!  Cool, a sewing kit?  Mouth wash?  An extra toothbrush and toothpaste without asking?  Is that...A ROBE?  I made it!  I'm on the 7th floor.

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The following morning I head downstairs and talk to my co-worker.  I ask him what room he's in on 7th floor.

"I´m not.  I´m on the 5th floor.  They gave me champagne and a fruit basket, but I didn´t want to try the fruit so I threw it out" and he heads off to get coffee.

And I sit there and start to laugh and laugh.  I was so excited I got the Preferred Guest floor.  Who knew there was a Super-Duper Preferred floor?
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