Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Busy Weekend: Sunday at Universal

Last week, I won tickets to Halloween Horror Nights off a local radio station.  Go me!

I win on the radio a lot when I really try.  Jacob begged "Mom, you have to win me tickets!"  We don't have our annual passes anymore and he really wanted to go again this year to HHN.

Along with the 2 Halloween Horror Nights tickets I won, I also got two park-hopper one-day passes and free parking.  How cool was that prize?  The HHN tickets were for Jacob and a friend. The Universal Orlando passes were MINE!

Sunday morning, Isabel and I got up very early.  I packed our lunches, some ponchos, extra socks and our camera into a backpack and off we went, leaving the men-folk at home snoring away.

WHAT a gorgeous day.  The weather was cool and there was no rain in sight.  To top it all off, the parks were empty.  It was fabulous!  We got there at the 9 a.m. opening and spent the first part of the day at Universal and the second half at Islands of Adventure.  The line for The Wizarding Worlds of Harry Potter?  Fifteen minutes, and those 15 minutes were spent just walking through the queues to get to the actual loading zone.  I'm telling you all, if you can come at a time that is NOT summer vacation, Spring Break, Thanksgiving  or Christmas breaks, you will have a BLAST.  I know how hard that is for parents with kids in public schools.  EVERYONE gets the same vacation and everyone heads down.  It's horrible.  But if you can somehow swing October and the first 2 weeks in November, or the week after New Year through end of February, you will LOVE it.

We ate lunch, got soaked on Popeye's ride (yay, ponchos from home!), got soda refills for 95 cents because we still have our cup from over a year ago and they still refill it (wh00t!) and had fun, just us gals.  I really miss our passes.

Eventually, Isabel's feet started hurting and she asked if we could leave.   We'd been there about 6 hours so we were good to go.  We'd done a LOT.  Thank you radio station and Universal Studios Florida for our free tickets.

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Niki said...

What a great girls-only trip and with the passes and packing your lunch it probably was a cheap one, too. Well done.