Monday, October 29, 2012

Busy Weekend: Saturday Party

On Saturday we headed a little over 2 hours away to the house of  my one sister left on the West coast for a party for her two kids. (The other 3 sisters are all near each other in South Florida now.)

Isabel had a ball with her cousins, second cousins and new friends.

No, I did not make the cake.  It was a picnic theme.  Cute!

My nephew throwing the ball.  

Isabel having fun.

They played "Junk in the trunk."  They had tissue boxes strapped to their rears.  The boxes had small ping-pong/wiffle balls in them.  They had to shake their caboose really fast, in order to try and empty the "junk in the trunk."  It was hysterical.

Junk in the Trunk

Toilet paper race

The party was the impetus for my previous "hot men" post.  My cousin Jessica and I were having a discussion on hot men, and it reminded me of my conversation with my husband that one night watching "The Avengers."  She could not believe I thought Loki was hot.  She said to her husband "She thinks Loki's hot!"  Her husband said "Different strokes, babe."  While she is saying this, my sister Jany walks by and says "Who Loki? He's HOT!" and gives me a high-five.  Yea!

We then went on to discuss all the men on my previous post.  For the record, my cousin and one other gal said Nathan Fillion was gross, David Boreanaz was ok, they did not think Hugh Jackman was cute (WHAT?) but they thought Jensen Ackles was cute to the point of too pretty.  LOL  All the while, Jessica's 13 year old son rolls his eyes at us "old ladies" talking about guys.

Good times!

Happy Birthday to our nephew Kaleb and niece Jocelyn!

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