Monday, October 15, 2012

Just Some More of Panama

My trip this past week was in order to do some training for a new gal that we hired.  The training was spotty at best.  That branch is loco crazy busy and I could not blame her nor myself for the little training we got done.  The branch had been without an admin for a while and I was doing the work from Orlando.  A temp had been called in to help but it was still a lot to catch up on.  We were trying to get orders processed, branch accounts caught up, vendors paid, all while the manager was out of town.  It was, again, loco crazy, and we barely touched the specific computer software and inventory training I went down to do.  They have to do SO much more, accounting wise, than I do in the States.  We have a corporate office that handles all that for me.  They, being in a different country, do not, so they have to do all their AP, AR, payroll, insurance yada yada yada, themselves.  It's A LOT of work for them.   She's coming up to Orlando soon and we should be able to get more done with my portion of the training without the hurry and insanity that is our Panama branch.

Here are some pictures of the week.

 This was my 11th stay at the Four Points Sheraton and I still love the place.  The hospitality never ceases to amaze me.

I spent my off-hours time eating at restaurants or bringing stuff back to the room.  Then a bit after dinner, I would head off to the hotel gym and walk on the treadmill for 40-50 minutes.

This picture below, I took on the way to dinner with two co-workers.  I was laughing so hard as I grabbed my camera.  We got to this busy intersection and there was NO TRAFFIC LIGHT.  I said "What??  What are you supposed to do here? That's crazy!"  There was a lot of honking and edging up and up until we cleared the intersection.

This is one of my Panamanian co-workers who was basically my chauffeur all week.  I took him and the gal I was training to a nice dinner to thank him for all the driving around.

The Italian restaurant was dead on a Thursday night.

Pasta stuffed with chicken in a white cream sauce.  It was YUMMO!

I had to take a picture of the restaurant's sink because it was so pretty.  Yea, I'm a weirdo.

I was there Sunday through Saturday.   Amazingly, I slept so well almost every night except Friday night.   It's always a nice time even though I miss my family a lot whenever I go.

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Niki said...

You're not crazy - i'd have taken a pic of that sink, too.