Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Parents and Letting Go...a little...kinda

So, parents of biguns.; HOW do you not freak out every time they get in the car to go somewhere alone in their vehicle?

Anyone have tips, advice, Valium, something?  Jake really had no interest in driving at all. He had friends or us to chauffeur him around.   He got his Learner's at 16, not 15, and his real license last week; he's 18.  He's been driving by himself for a week.

Monday I had a minor freak-out.  He's at the University and tells me he's coming by my office.  In the rains left from Tropical Storm Issac. On a major Interstate.  By himself for the first time.

Over an hour later, and he's not there nor answering his phone, which is a good thing. He won't answer his phone while driving.  I don't like to and he follows my lead.

But by this time, I am in a panic and trying not to show it at work. My one co-workers knows me and knows something is wrong.  I tell him what's the worry and he reassures me.

An hour and a half after I think he should arrive, he calls.  "Oh, yea mom.  I forgot I had a class at 2. Why are you crying, silly?"

UGH.  Cause I am a dork.

Cause you're still a baby in the sink and the cutest kid on the planet.

Cause you're still 8 and loving Cub Scouts with your mom.

Cause you're 13 and still fun to hang round.

Cause you're 17 and don't mind that I chaperone all your field trips.

 Cause you're 18 and know I am your biggest fan.

That's why I cry, silly.

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