Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School Thrifty Mom

Well, you all know Jacob started back to school, but so did Isabel a few days after he did.

During the early part of her summer, we came across an awesome backpack in the clearance rack.  Total cost: $7. She fell in love and I went ahead and got it for her.

Power Puff Girls Backpack

We also always get school supply lists from the school.  I have learned to never buy supplies based off the school's generic lists.   These lists are separated by grade, so every 3rd grader buys the same thing, except when classes start, the teachers send out their own lists.  After getting burned several years with supplies they never used, I send my kids (Isabel now) to school with a pencil box full of scissors, pencils, paper, erasers, glue, crayons and markers.  When school then starts and I get the list back from the teacher, then I buy what her specific teacher needs.

Total spent on school supplies (not counting clothing/shoes):  $5.49 for supplies and the $7 backpack.

Why?  Because I keep everything year over year.  Isabel has used the same scissors 3 years in a row.  Guess what?  They were Jake's when he was in 1st grade.  He's a freshman in college.  :)  This woman knows how to save.  Her pencil box was the one she got in Kindergarten.  Her folders were all new folders that were never used and returned home from previous years.  Her pencils were pencils we've had since forever.  We have a drawer full of them.  I sharpened a bunch and put them in her pencil box.

The $5.49 was spent on loose leaf paper, index cards, 3 more glue sticks (to add to the 3 she brought back with her at the end of the year last year) and three notebooks.  Her teacher also asked for a spiral bound notebook.  I went into Jacob's room and asked if he had any left over from senior year.  He had two with barely any pages used so I ripped out the pages and put that in her backpack.

Her crayons are the ones from last school year; never used.  Still look brand new.  They never used them, or if they did, she used communal crayons and came home the last day of school with her box of crayons intact.  Markers?  From last year, all intact, hardly used.

Her lunch box is the same as last year; she loves it because it's pink and has kitties, so we're good.   I bought her zero new clothes.  The girl has SO MUCH CLOTHES from my family spoiling her that she does not need anything.  The only thing we got her new were sneakers for $30 + tax.  Nike's for $30, on sale and with a 20% coupon from Kohl's.  She ruined her old sneakers playing in the water at the family reunion.  They are now her "outside play" sneakers.  When the neighbor boy comes over to ask her to play, I yell "put on your old sneakers, not the new ones!" and she does.

She's in 3rd grade now with a BOY teacher again.  Here's to another successful school year; cheers!

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