Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stetson Focus Orientation Weekend

FOCUS:  Friends On Campus Uniting Students

This weekend was the start of the FOCUS Freshman and Transfer student orientation week.

After the fiasco with the car, Jacob got there RIGHT at the buzzer.  He got a Stetson cloth bag, a T-Shirt and a welcome folder. His first FOCUS group meeting was at 2:30 - 3:45 p.m.  All students got put into small groups of 20, with two Focus leaders; current students at Stetson.  Jacob already knew the 2 leaders plus some of the people in his group - the magic of Facebook and groups.

While Jacob was in his Focus meeting, David was at the parents' opening welcome in another area. (I was still dealing with car purchasing craziness).

By the time I arrived, they were on the Class 2016 Photo.  Everyone was lined up in Rinker Field and made to spell out 2016 on the grass while a photographer huge genie lift took their picture.  They all get a copy later.

Class of 2016, Waiting to make the 2016 out of all the kids on the field.

David and Isabel went home while Jacob and I headed into the Edmunds Center for the Opening Celebration.  Parents in the stadium seating, new students on the floor.
Opening Celebration, 08/18/12

Where's Jacob, 08/18/12

After the opening, we were free until 7:30 p.m. so we jumped on a Trolley to Downtown Deland for dinner.

Deland Trolley, The Trolley takes us Downtown for dinner
Trolley Ride.

We wanted to go to Cafe DaVinci but they were not open yet, so we ended up at Boston Coffee House instead.
Cafe Davinci
Cafe Davinci in Artisan Alley.

With more time on our hands, we hit the Stetson on-campus Starbucks, just to have a place to sit in the cool AC.

On-Campus Starbucks break, Jake crashes at te school's Starbucks.  But wait, what's that there?
Oooh, what's that on the left there?

A Piano!, Jake plays piano at the Starbucks.
Jacob played a couple of tunes while we waited.

Then we walked the campus a bit more, before we split up; he to go to a commuter student meeting and I to go to a Parent Association meeting.

Elizabeth Hall

Inside Elizabeth Hall
Inside Elizabeth Hall.  He has a class in here so we went to find the room.

Palm Court, The fountain from "Waterboy."
Palm Court.  Parts of the Adam Sandler movie " The Waterboy" were filmed here.

After the parent meeting, I hitched a ride with another parent I knew home and left Jacob to flounder on his own with his new-to-him car.  Oh, yea, he'd just gotten his driver's license the day before!!  He'd had his permit for 2 years and HAD to get his license so he could start driving himself to college.  *snort*  Talk about trial by fire!

The kids had activities until 2 a.m.!  He went to a Playfair at Rinker Field from 9:15-10:15 p.m. and then to a n outdoor dance party at Club Commons.  He arrived around 11:30 p.m. covered in light stick necklaces and eyeglasses, having had a great time.

It was off to bed because we had to do it ALL over again on Sunday.

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Niki said...

The joy of college orientation! I still remember how everything was so shiny and new: being excited and terrified at the same time.

BTW-with the hair and beard all trimmed up and neat he looks like quite the grown man.