Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'm the Parent of an Adult!

My son turned 18.  Eighteen!  Wow.  Time flies, people.

His actual birthday was on a Wednesday, so I took my last vacation day off and we headed to Busch Gardens in Tampa.  The kids were already on school Christmas break.

Isabel and Jacob are in the front seat.
We caught a show while eating lunch
Isabel loved her lunch tray and refused to part with it.
Awwww, Big Bird.

We did a lot of coasters, had a lot of fun and then drove home because we were expecting guests that night. We planned a party at our house after all the Christmas hubbub.  It was held on Friday night, the 30th.

We had Noms.

We had cake that was not a lie.  

(more on the cake on my Kake Blog)

We had friends.

We had "Just Dance 3."

They danced,  ate pizza and snacks, played "Rock Band," "Scene It Trivia," ate cake and then watched "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

Jacob had a great night and thanked me profusely for it when everyone left at around 1:30 a.m.

Happy 18th, Jacob!  

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