Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Day with my Son

Jacob and I went to visit his paternal grandfather.  His grandfather is fighting stage 4 cancer (esophagus, liver, etc.)  It's not good.  We went to visit him because we're not sure how much longer we'll have him around.  It tears my heart apart.  Last time we saw him was in April.   This man is one of the best men I have ever know.  He was a single, young Italian Marine Sargent who met a pretty little gal from the country with 4 kids of her own.  He married this lady and adopted all 4 kids.  He raised them as his own.  He's not politically correct AT ALL and cracks me up to no end.  The Puerto-Rican vs. Italian jokes we swapped throughout the years are horrible.   His wife passed away in 2006 from lung cancer and Jacob lost a fantastic Grandma.  In 2011, Al goes and marries a Puerto Rican.  Ha!

He's an awesome person and my heart breaks for Jacob and the entire family.

We went alone.  Once our visit was over, Jacob asked if we could go to Downtown Disney, which was like a half hour away.  Wanting to bring a little joy to a heavy day, I said yes.  We drove on the HORRIBLE 192 in Kissimmee. Holy horrible traffic.  Took us more line an hour to get there.  Jacob drove; baptism by fire, I suppose.  

We stopped in the Vinylmation store.  So many cute little figurines, but I think I'll stick to collecting pins.  Much smaller.

Mickey made up of other tiny Mickey's.

SO cute, but $850?!?!?

Yay! They are FINALLY doing something with the huge space left
empty after the Virgin Megastore closed!  Bowling!! Yay!

Jacob used some Christmas and birthday money to buy himself some loose leaf tea (we're into teas right now) and a Mickey T-shirt.

One handsome kid.

I hope the trip to Downtown Disney helped make him feel a little happy on a sad day.  

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Sh0ewh0re7 said...

Wahhhh, poor Alex. :(
I only met him a few times, but I remember him being such a nice, funny man.

My condolences to Jacob, Denise, and the rest of the family.