Monday, January 16, 2012

Sci-Fi Hoedown: Star Trek: Enterprise Season 1

Oh My Word, did I love this show when it aired!  We watched this show religiously.

The EYE candy.  Geez.  I loved Scott Bakula/Captain Archer.  He has such an odd face (the nose) and yet I loved him here.  Rawr!  But not quite as much as Conner Trinneer/Trip  Really, they were all good looking.

Enterprise Cast Pictures, Images and Photos

When we realized this series was on Netflix's streaming service, we squealed and starting singing "It's been a long road....", one of the most hokey (yet catchy) theme songs for a show EVER.

The blatant "see our show, we have half naked people in it!" is kind-of lame.  FIRST episode and we have a "rub-down" fest in the decontamination room.  Now, they do not play it sexual.  Everyone in the room is being completely nonchalant about being half-naked and having to rub this medicine all over themselves and into each other's backs, but it's just so out-there.

Joleen Blalock as T'Pol needs to EAT A SANDWICH.  It's disgusting how skinny she was and yet how large her chest was.  That's not normal.  You lose weight, you lose fat; you don't become a size zero and  keep your size D's.  Yuck.  When your 40-something husband and your (then) 17 year-old son both say "Ewww" when they see her in her short-shorts and tank top, bra-less, in the decontamination room, you know she's too skinny to look good.  And no, they're not afraid to say a woman is attractive in front of me.

I love seeing how the entire space program "started" before Captain Kirk.  It was fun "meeting" Klingons for the first time.  Watching T'Pol slowly shift from hard-nose Vulcan to slightly less hard-nosed was entertaining; for all my skinny-whining, Blalock is a good actress.  I enjoyed the sets, the costumes and all the aliens. Not-so-much a fan of the Hoshi Sato character; she's in SPACE on an amazing adventure, and she spent the first half whining and scared.   Dr. Phlox is such a great alien.  The story lines are good, but sometimes they get lost (time war?  Never really figured out who was behind all that this season. )

Although we watched these live, I have Swiss-cheese memory and can only remember bits & pieces, so it's like new!  :)


Ari C'rona said...

I like your 'swiss cheese' memory - may have to use that one! I'd say 'ewww' to the skinny one, too.

Niki said...

Never saw even one episode.