Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Is that Jeep window of yours slipping?

Two months ago, my 2004 Jeep Liberty's rear window stopped working. Well, the motor worked, but the window glass would not go up or down. Then, it just started slipping on its own. You have no idea how annoying it is to have a window slowly slip down, especially in the rain.

Back in 2009, my Jeep dealership that I loved closed down. The nearest one is just too darned far away. I was loyal to them for 3 years. I've been taking it to the local Firestone, so when I had my next oil change, I asked them to look at the window. The mechanics there are very nice and called me back to say that they could probably fix it, but in doing research, they found that this problem has happened to hundreds of people all over country. They suggested I call a Jeep dealership to see if there was some recall, or warranty first. If not, they would fix it, but just the parts would be $100+, not counting labor.

I am glad they were honest and gave me the option to check. I called the too-far dealership and left a message with their service manager, asking them if there was some kind of recall on that rear window, because I saw on the internet that a lot of people were having the same issue.

He never called me back; today will be 4 weeks since I left the message. They in turn will never get my business, like the closed Jeep dealership did.

While Googling the many complaints about this problem, I stumbled across the Jeep Forum. The problem is happening everywhere, but since it is not a safety issue, Jeep won't replace the item for free; the cheap plastic item that some people have gotten replaced at dealerships, only to have it break again a few months later. $200-$300 in repairs!

A website with replacement parts kept popping up on various websites: Steiger Performance's repair kits. Unlike the cheap plastic replacement parts Jeep uses, the people at Steiger came up with their own metal version. Many people expressed satisfaction, so I took a chance and ordered the parts; $89.95 plus shipping.

I was nervous but optimistic. Having a mechanic friend is a plus!!

The door panel was removed,

the motor was disconnected, the cheap plastic part was removed and

replaced by the nice Steiger Performance one aaaaaand

my window was fixed for $89.95, plus shipping and a $25 Starbucks gift card to my friend. I also have peace-of-mind that this metal part won't break like the cheap plastic kind.

I love my Jeep, I truly do. It saddens me that Jeep just does not care enough to (return calls and) replace cheap plastic parts for good quality parts, leaving us hard-working people out $200-$300 if we were to go to them.

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