Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Bambi Story

Once upon a time, in the forest, there lived a bunch of woodland creatures who...

No, not THAT story.

In my Christmas post, I told you to remind me to tell you the story of the Bambi incident. You forgot already?? Geez.

Isabel had a small list for Santa. Weird things that we would never be able to find, for example: Hello Kitty's mom. Huh? No such plush. McWorld toys (from; they don't exist. A skateboard (she can't even ride a bike without training wheels yet, so no.) Makeup (double no.)

She did have things like Jimmy Neutron toys, which we scored at the Nickelodeon store at Universal Studios, and a Bambi plush toy she saw at the Disney store at the local mall. No problem with that one. I just needed to drop by the mall when she was not with me.

Saturday, Christmas Eve day, I am setting the table for Christmas Day dinner with two of my sisters and their families. As I work, Isabel is running around the table. She says "I am soooooo EXCITED to get my Bambi toy from Santa!!!"



Immediately I text David who was out shopping: "OMG! I FORGOT Bambi! Please stop by the Disney Store @ mall!!"

About an hour later, he calls to say "They sold the last one yesterday."


The store clerk called the next nearest Disney store (about an hour away from us.) They did not have any!

I text message my two West Coast sisters: "Anyone near a mall with Disney store?" Since they are coming to dinner the next day, maybe they could bring it by. I'd invent an excuse as to why they had it. Jany calls back to say she'd be driving by a mall in Tampa. I get the mall name, google it and call the Disney store there.

"No, sorry. Bambi is a seasonal item. We normally don't get them in until Easter."

Really? Bambi and THE resurrection story? Weird.

So, now I am in full freak-out mode and am thinking of a way to slowly let my girl know that tomorrow Santa crushes her heart to mush, only...there is one more option.

I drive down over an hour to Downtown Disney Marketplace and see if they have one.

Problems with this idea:

1) It's over an hour away
2) David has to work; I'd have to take the kids with me.
3) Downtown Disney on Christmas Eve?!?! With the kids?? Am I insane??
4) There is NO WAY to speak with a human being inside one of their stores. None. I tried. I Googled. I called 4 different phone numbers that all connected me to the same automated system that would not let you ask "Do you have a Bambi toy in your store?" I was taking a huge chance driving down there.

I decided to suck it up and go. We took our Universal Studios passes with us. After almost an hour's drive, I dropped the kids off at Universal's drop-off area, with explicit instructions to Jacob to take care of his sister, not be mean to her, and for Isabel to not whine and to obey her brother! Oy!

I hop back on the interstate for another 10 minute jaunt to Downtown Disney. Traffic is actually not bad. Thank you Lord. I get into a "Lot FULL" parking lot and immediately find a person backing out of a spot. Thank you Lord. The spot is in front of the one store I need to go to. Thank you Lord. I walk in, snake my way to the plush section, and ask the guy behind the register "Do you have Bambi plushes?"

He replies "No, we're out."


That's the sound of my heart hitting my feet.

I leave the register, and walk around. I see two workers stocking more plush toys. I walk up to them and ask "Would you happen to have Bambi plushes?" One looks pensive, while the other one says "Well, we do have Baby Bambi, would that do?" Thank you Lord.

Baby Bambi to the Rescue!
The above picture was taken with my phone, after squashing the urge to do the HAPPY DANCE right there in the store.

I worried a bit about whether she would be disappointed that this would not be the same one she wanted, which was Bambi as a "teen," not a baby. Oh well, I'm buying it.

I went back to Universal Studios and met up with the kids. We jumped from park to park, they were really not that crowded, it was great. We had Christmas Eve dinner at The Three Broomsticks restaurant in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter section at Islands of Adventure. It was really a fantastic evening. Thank you Lord. All that was missing was David. :( He had to work.

The next morning, when she saw that Bambi toy, she squealed. No, really. SQUEALED with delight at the baby Bambi. Here's the action shot:

That reaction is not faked. She was in heaven. She has not yet let go of this toy. So maybe they were right, those Disney store people. Bambi does have something to do with the Lord. (Thanks again Lord, and Happy Birthday.)


Hendel D'bu said...

AH! I love happy endings!!

That's so awesome :-)

(and I love your writing, btw...)

Kellis said...

I love, love, love it when the stars align and things work out perfectly!

Anonymous said...

I love it! You always have such great stories that you tell with true zeal! I feel like I was there with you as you took your trek.