Sunday, May 23, 2010

Elijah Rock

My son and his chorus had their last performance of the year. After singing a few songs and receiving the "Most Improved Sophomore" award (GO JAKE!!) they closed the show with "Elijah Rock."

Now, I've been hearing this song over and over for 3 months. Jacob showed it to me on YouTube as performed by other groups, and I've been hearing him sing it and YouTube it on his own. It got to the point where Isabel could sing parts of the sang randomly throughout the day.

Unfortunately, as I say over and over, people do not know how to behave in concerts. The place was packed and the three teens in front of me spent the entire night YELLING out names of the people on the stage. It was not just them. All over, people were talking, hooting, acting up; Even parents. One "proud parent" kept yelling "That's my baby" or "Sing it baby" every time her son would sing on one song where he was one of two male leads. The whole night was like that.

So when I say I wish you could have heard this song uninterrupted, I really mean it. They blew us all away! Towards the very end, the audience is so noisy, on my recording of it, I could not tell what the chorus was supposed to be doing, because I could not filter the hoots out from the choir. Then there was Isabel, humming and singing along. *sigh*

Anyway, they were fantastic.

Here is the Pine Ridge Chorale performing the Moses Hogan arrangement of "Elijah Rock," led by their instructor, Mr. LeFils.

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