Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine For You

(Pancakes for my wonderful family)

Happy Valentine's Day to you, gentle reader.

This holiday tends to bring out divided camps. Camp # 1 is completely gung-ho and feels that on this holiday, you should do it up! Camp # 2 feels that every day is a day to show love, so why spend so much money and time on this one day. Then there's the single camp; 3a: they are single and HATE this holiday. 3b: They are single and are o.k. with it all.

This year, I'm in Camp # 2. I love my family each and every day. I may want to bash them over the head with my dish towel or powdered sugar bag, but I love them, and don't want to have my love quantified by purchases. I don't wait to buy them things they really want (**cough 53"lcdtvcough**cough2010hybridHondacough**) nor they to me (**coughmonsterentertainmentcentercough**).

I don't begrudge you your candy and flowers. Enjoy them. I did buy my kids some chocolates, candy and small gifts (spent under $20 for each and still got them something they LOVE; Isabel got this and Jake got this) because to them, especially Iz, this holiday is FUN. David and I? We didn't get each other things. It seemed silly this year after all the wonderful things we recently got each other.

I love my husband and kids each and every day, and I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day.

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