Monday, February 15, 2010

Dinner with Letterboxers

I need to apologize off the bat for the photos. The restaurant was so dark, I had to set the aperture wide and the shutter speed slow to catch as much light as I could, but people don't tend to sit still for candid shots, so these are all blurry.

Last Friday evening, Isabel and I braved the horrible rain and traffic to drive over an hour and a half to St. Augustine for dinner with fellow letterboxers. We ate at the Gypsy Cab Company Restaurant. They had delicious seafood fare.

Isabel, Sandra & Don Fisher (Fish's Card Room) down from Sunfield, MI and T Rex from GA.

With their backs to the camera, Dawn (Sits & Knits) and her husband (Orlando, FL), and Seagull and her husband, down on vacation from Portland, Maine.

Sits & Knits & her hubby.

Mark Pepe and a blurry Sue, from Kensington, CT.

We were missing another family (Mandy/Geometry Junkie & Co. :( ) who left dreary/cold St. Augustine to head for the snow at their Georgia home.

The meal was terrific, my daughter was a sweetheart (Jacob chose to stay home and David worked) and the company was pleasant.

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Hendel D'bu said...

It is really difficult to get good pics of a gather, it's true. But, I still liked looking at these! Thanks for posting them :-)