Tuesday, February 23, 2010


O.B.C. That's code for "Our Baby's Cuter." When Isabel was born, we thought, as all parents do, that our daughter was the most beautiful thing ever. We'd compare her to other kids at the mall and whisper to each other "our baby's cuter." Then we shortened it to "o.b.c." We're evil and wicked, we know.

I was remembering this last night and a conversation I had with an unnamed person a few years ago. Unnamed person and I were discussing someone's toddler. Unnamed person (NO, not David) then told me what they really thought of the toddler's looks. *GASP* It was not kind. To say it aloud! I mean, yea, we think it, but to put it out there like that!

That got me to thinking, and it's not an original thought, I know, but do people know their kids aren't cute? I'm not asking you to tell me my kids are gorgeous, cause you could be lying (and Jake needs a haircut and a shave, so you can only call him handsome at the present time.) I keep things like that to myself, but really, do they know? Cause I. DON'T. KNOW. My kids are cute/handsome as a button (a fuzzy button for the latter description).

Don't tell me about them either way; you'll never convince me. Cause they're cute!!!!

*whisper* Do you think they know?

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Hendel D'bu said...

The sages say that there are no ugly babies and brides are always beautiful on their wedding day. I guess they struggled with the same issue you are posing, my friend :-)