Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cutie the Betta

Isabel has been wanting a pet for a while. When she asked for a kitten, David explained that I was allergic to kittens. "If a kitten gets close to mom," he explained, "she'll sneeze." Using her analytical mind, she replied "Can we get one with no legs?" Hey, no legs = not near mom.

We finally agreed upon a fish and headed off to the store, where time and $55, got us "Cutie" the Betta fish and his new abode. Isabel truly wanted a girl fish, "because I'm a girl too," but the female Bettas are not anywhere near as pretty as the males. She conceded and home Cutie came.

I am not joking when I say that this is a cool fish. We got him a real plant, because plastic tends to rip their beautiful fins. He liked to hang out in the plant on his down time, but the minute we walk into Isabel's room, Cutie gets very excited and swims around like mad. Pavlovian? Possibly. Cute? Definitely.

She's one lucky girl.

Yesterday, David went into her room to get something and noticed this, below.

David asks Isabel "Did the dolls want to see Cutie?" Isabel, with a look of "DUH" on her face, replied "No, dad, cause they're dolls. They're not real." When asked why the dolls were there then, she replied "So Cutie can look at them."

He's one lucky fish.

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