Sunday, January 24, 2010

Update for you NON-FB Peeps

I tend to forget that there are some family members (Hi Heather) and friends (Hi Niki) aren't on FB, so here's a quick update.

The first week in January, Isabel got a "Hello Kitty" Calendar. It came with stickers. She placed stickers on all our birthdays (Mine is a pile a books - so cute). Later in the day, she called me to her room and said "Mom, look. (pointing at Friday January 22) On January 22, we're buying cheese."

Ok then.

I posted that as my status and people thought she was a hoot. I was asked by one person, what kind of cheese? Isabel's reply: "You know, gold, square, from a cow."

Of course, I created an "Event," dated it 01/22/10 and named it "Buy Cheese Day." I invited everyone who commented to the event, and they all joined. We posted cheese pictures, cheese videos, and counted down to "Buy Cheese" day.

This Friday the 22, after school & work, Isabel & I bought cheese.

We had Cheese Quesadillas for dinner. It was a good day.


Hendel D'bu said...

See? This is what I get for not checking my notifications and page invites! Boo!

I bought cheese Friday morning - does that count?? lol!

You're an awesome Mom, Kaaren :-)

Hendel D'bu said...

haha! I just checked the date again - it counts!! We bought quite a bit of cheese, actually... :-)

Kaaren said...


Niki said...

If only i'd known!

Ryan said...

I missed the hubbub on Facebook--but that's funny! =)

Kellis said...

Cute story!! I guess I don't check FB enough. I missed everything (except the initial post about the 22nd being cheese day).