Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Bell is Ringing..

because I earned my angel wings today. Get it? My wings? Get....never mind.

Today at work, we received a box containing equipment a client was sending to us to repair. Inside the box was a smaller box. The box contained a packing list from JC Penney to a Mrs. Doris M. in Jacksonville, Florida and contained four sets of 10k gold earrings.


I called the customer to verify the receipt of the equipment, get a repair P.O. and ask "Hey, does a Doris M. work there?" I knew the answer was no; the box was going from JC Penney in S. Florida (where my customer was) up to Doris' house in Jacksonville, some 6-7 hours away from my customer.

The JC Penney paperwork said it shipped yesterday, 01/04/10. The only thing I could guess was that, while in transit yesterday, my customer's box came open and this JCP box slipped in. UPS sealed back my customer's box, not knowing that Doris' jewelry slipped inside.

I called the 800 number on the pick slip and explained to the customer service agent, and then her supervisor, what I thought had happened. They thanked me very much and e-mailed me a UPS mailing label to get the jewels back...to Ohio. That's where their return center is. I am not sure why they just did not have me ship it to Doris; I guess they want to make sure Doris gets all that she ordered.

I asked my shop for the box that the jewelry came in to be brought up to me, and there was the original tracking label right on it. *sigh* I could have just handed the box to my UPS driver and Doris would have gotten her earrings tomorrow, none the wiser. As it is, Doris will be getting a replacement set sent from S. Florida, and JC Penney will get their misplaced earrings back in Ohio.

Aren't I a good egg?


Anonymous said...

So cool! You are a good egg! Good Karma coming your way for sure!

Diane Knapp

Hendel D'bu said...

Yeah, it's good to be a good egg!

nice goin' :-)

Ari C'rona said...

Yep, you're a good egg!

I got it, by the way - yes, you got your wings.