Wednesday, January 27, 2010


No, not zombie-munchin' brains! It's report-card time!

Yesterday, my son was given a note in class. It said to meet with the principal in the conference room during 7th period on Wednesday (today). Oh, and p.s., "You're not in trouble," the note said. Phew.

He received his report card today. Honor Roll; all A's and B's.

Seventh period came along and he goes to the conference room with about 12 other 10th graders. Kool Aid, cookies and missing 7th period = awesome. They were told that they were the top 10%-scoring 10th graders on the PSAT.

Words were bandied about like "National Merit Scholars" and "higher than most 11th graders." The PSAT is taken by 11th graders, for a fee. The 10th graders are given a practice run for free. Because they did so well, and because it makes the school look good, these 12 students will take the PSAT next year free of charge. Nice!


Isabel received her report card as well. She's in Kindergarten, so it's mostly "plus", "check" or
"zero." She got all pluses (is that a word?), checks and one zero (accepting correction. Gonna have to work on that one). Then she also got a letter stating that they were testing them on their reading skills in Kindergarten. She was in the top 93% of kindergarteners tested.


Them there kids gots some braaiiiinnnnns! Common denominator? MOI!

Mua ha ha! :)


The Foil Hat said...

WTG Kaaren!!!! (And kids!!!)

Niki said...

Nice job, Mom.